The 5th Transnational Meeting of the EUBorCo project took place between the 23rd and 26th of January 2020 in Viator.

As all the project’s meetings, the meeting in Viator had as an aim to enhance the transfer of good practices between countries and organisations, thereby promoting the role of local communities, active citizenship, volunteering, and solidarity, as well as understanding the threats that Euroscepticism poses.

On the first day, the delegations of the Project arrived in Viator where the municipality organised a welcome dinner.

On the second day, a welcome and introductions session tooΚ place in order for the members of the delegations to meet. Later, the mayor of Viator formally welcomed the delegations at the City Hall of Viator, where they exchanged gifts.

Following the official welcome the members of the delegations were divided into groups and played a game to familiarize with Viator. During the game participants were not allowed to communicate in Spanish in order to experience a small part of the difficulties that a refugee or an immigrant has to face.

After the game, the delegations visited two important cooperatives of the city of Viator. First, the Casur cooperative, and in particular the packaging center for organic products and later the irrigation cooperative of Viator, which reuses the processed wastewater from Almeria, for the irrigation of greenhouses. After the tour in the irrigation cooperative, the participants were offered a traditional meal, which included local dishes and sweets.

In the afternoon session, the delegation of Paionia presented its members’ experiences of the refugee crisis in Idomeni. A discussion followed concerning the expectations for the upcoming years and raising awareness to avoid similar situations. The event continued, with a projection of a video about the refugees and immigrants’ situation at Mytilene, Athens, and Sweden.


The third and last day, included presentations by Spanish NGOs that work on the reception and integration of refugees and immigrants in the Andalusian region. A constructive discussion followed on the similarities and differences of national policies on Asylum and the difficulties that the discrepancies pose to a comprehensive migration policy in an EU level.



5th Transnational Meeting Agenda: ViatorAgenda

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